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A sand animation is one of the most unusual and outstanding tools for dealing with corporate tasks

Every company boasts a unique history filled with important and memorable events. The founding of the company, first undertakings and teething problems, breakthrough solutions and innovations, triumphs over the rivals, and entering the international market.

It's every company's mission to make people's lives better – to cure them, to construct new buildings for them, to create safer vehicles for them or simply to give them great meals.

Last but not least, every company has a team – the people whose coordinated work allows them to handle any tasks and reach the most ambitious goals.

The story

We are able to artistically represent the most outstanding events and the milestones of your company's development

We are able to tell about a new product or service by means of memorable and clear images

We are able to create dynamic and elaborate images showing the company's work cycle - from negotiations with a new client to a finished project.

We transform business information into art

is one of the most original ways of getting your message across and telling the world about your company's philosophy and values in the form of a film.

Sand animation -

The main features of a sand animation for business:

-Quick making (a fully-fledged film may be completed within just a few days)
-Smaller budget required in comparison with projects in 2D/3D
-Originality (your film will leave a lasting impression)
Every company has its marketing or internal tasks that require visualization

Order a sand animated film and transform your corporate task into a work of art!

Short showreel (med.)

Stages of making your sand animated film

Writing a script based on details you have specified
Making and mastering the video
Making a storyboard for the film

Examples of our films

Christmas event
Music festival
Medical conference
Send us a request and we will answer as soon as possible
The final price does not depend on the duration, as one and the same script may be made to last 2 or 10 minutes
Number of pictures
It takes on average 4 pictures (script points) to make one short film, and 5-8 pictures to make a more elaborate life story
Production time
Time needed to make a film – 3-10 days (but there are exceptions when a short animation film may be made in 1-2 days if there are no additional approvals involved)
We may use either natural-color or multicolored sand. It will not affect the price
We select relevant music when editing the video, with your preferences taken into account
Contract and payment
We enter your personal data in a service contract and send it to your email. You will pay in two installments.

About us

Alla Verna
Lilia Chistina
Alexander Margulis
We have been in the business since 2007 when we were one of the first teams to introduce a sand show. Since then we have given over 2,000 performances and made almost 500 sand animated films for corporate and private clients. Our studio never stops in its pursuit to promote sand animation as an individual art form.
There is a stark contract between the sand art 13 years ago and that of today. The artistic level has been significantly upgraded, the equipment and materials are used on a higher professional level and the stories and plots have become more sophisticated and meaningful. Being the initiators of this process, we are proud to stride at the vanguard.