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We'll tell your story with a stunning sand animation film

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We work all over the world
Every person has a story to share.
A story of life — full of joy, strength, change, and lessons.
A story of love — from when you first met, your proposal, to the wedding pictures you want to bring to life again.
A story of family — from your first-born to your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
All of the most touching moments of your story are
individualized reflections of you. Many wish to somehow keep their memories forever- and you can, in a truly special way. Sand animation film breathes life back into that which is most sacred to you, in a stunning visualization like no other.

Your Story Through Sand Animation

Your childhood, parents, playgrounds, hobbies, college days, first date…We will help reconstruct precious and perhaps long-forgotten memories even if there are no reference photos. Our artists do their utmost to delicately recreate the moments that are most dear to you. Matched with a charming soundtrack and professional narrator voice-over, you will be gently guided through your memory as accurately as possible. We make a point to beautifully draw emphasis in the right places in line with how your
memory should be represented.

Remember? How Could You Forget

a touching, stunning, and truly romantic way to encapsulate core moments. Think about it, your first date, your honeymoon trip, the way she looked that evening…there are so many moments you can relive, the list is endless. Our narrated sand-animated films will help make sure that all of the pieces of your memory, and even life-plot, fall together beautifully and correctly per your own remembrance. You will never tire of watching and sharing your own sand animation film, and neither will your loved ones, family, and friends.

Sand animation Is...

Everyone has their own unique story, and now you have the opportunity to preserve it in an equally unique way. Doing so is one of the most touching
surprises that can ever give to yourself and others!
Amaze your nearest and dearest with the stunninggift of a sand animated film

An example of a sand animated film

A sand animated film is a delightful gift for ANY occasion

Stages of making your sand animated film

Writing a script based on details you have specified
Making and mastering the video
Making a storyboard for the film
The final price does not depend on the duration, as one and the same script may be made to last 2 or 10 minutes
Number of pictures
It takes on average 4-6 pictures (script points) to make one short film, and 8-10 pictures to make a more elaborate life story
Production time
Time needed to make a film – 3-10 days (but there are exceptions when a short animation film may be made in 1-2 days if there are no additional approvals involved)
We may use either natural-color or multicolored sand. It will not affect the price
We select relevant music when editing the video, with your preferences taken into account
Contract and payment
We enter your personal data in a service contract and send it to your email. You will pay in two installments.
Write a short description of your task and we will send you an offer

About us

Alla Margulis
Lilia Chi
Alex Margulis
We have been in this business since 2007, and we're actually one of the first teams to introduce the product of a sand show. Since then, we have given over 2,000 performances and have made almost 500 sand animated films for corporate and private clients. We never tire in our pursuit to promote sand animation as an individual art form.
Sand art has significantly evolved over the past 12 years, especially as its popularity continues to increase. The quality of artistry has upgraded, the equipment and materials are used at a higher professional level and the stories themselves have become more sophisticated and meaningful. As the initiators of this process, we are proud to stride at the vanguard.