One of the best gift you can present
A story created by hands and sand
Most touching and unforgettable gift for a wedding or an anniversary

It can be

Love story
Life story
Corporate presentation
Truly romantic way to tell a story about love, friendship and faithfulness
Great opportunity to save all the most important events of life
Transform your presentation into a piece of art

How it works

Write a short description on what story you would like to make a film
We work with your story and make a scenario
We draw a storyboard that you can approve before starting a main process
We shoot and edit a film that will become your best gift
All stages last from 3 to 10 days

About us

StudioSandArt was founded in 2007 and became one of the first sand animation studios in the world. We have presented our Sand Show more than 1500 times at different state, corporate and private events. Our clients are well-known companies as Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Boeing, etc.
Also we created more than 450 sand animation films.
Our team is effective collaboration of artists, musicians, video editors and producers. We work with different kinds of modern art (light animation, video mapping, interactive installations), but Sand animation is our passion and we do the best to develop this art all around the world.
Online form
Send us the story you would like to realise in sand animation and we will answer with the price and other information
Contact us:
New York / Tel Aviv / Moscow / Ankara
We work all around the world